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Warcraft 2 Combat Edition

I  wanted to play Warcraft II again on but I don’t have the time right now to spend hours trying to find my original CDs, figure out how to install Warcraft 2 on Windows 7, and try to get logged onto (if its even still running for WC2). My favorite aspect of any classic game is typically the multiplayer and the ability to play it with my friends who also enjoyed these games so that is really what I wanted to install it for anyway.

I stumbled upon “Warcraft 2 Combat Edition”.  You can download Warcraft 2 Combat Edition from the creators site  located at:

Warcraft 2 Combat Edition is a single install file of about 13MB which includes everything you need to play online through the gateway. Simply go to the above page, download the file which is the first link on the list and install it. The install was easy on a Windows 7 PC and took less than a minute. I launched the application and it fired right up, and I was ready to play multiplayer on Garden of War! When I logged in there were approixmately 60 people online playing, more than I thought there would be. This application is Multiplayer Only, there is no campaign in Warcraft 2 Combat Edition.

Steps to Play:

1. Run the installer from the above link. Once installation is complete, double click the shortcut on your desktop. My title screen was a little messed up, but that went away once the game loaded. If you put the game in 256 color mode, that would probably fix it.

2. When the menu loads, click “Multiplayer”

3. Click “Enhanced”

4. Select and keep the default gateway of

If you have problems hosting games, troubleshooting steps are below:

A short video available on their site is below: