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jDOOM — Doom Port with High-Res Graphics

Recently I’ve been discovering some amazing open source ports for my favorite classic games. Doom is no exception! A couple of years ago I downloaded Doom Legacy and played through the classic doom game. Although it supported OPENGL and much higher resolutions than the original doom, it was still making my eyes bleed after playing for a while.

I came across a 3d Engine (Similar to the OPENRA engine posted in the C&C section), that actually has different games as “add-ons”  to the engine. The name of this engine is jDoom. jDoom is an open source 3D engine that has DOOM, Heretic, and Hexen available as mods.

The graphics are MUCH higher resolution than the any of the other Doom ports I’ve seen (with the exception of the Doom3 Classic Mod).

You can find out more about the jDoom project and download it for yourself at: