Cant Use IPX? Use TCP-Com Instead!

Many old games require the IPX protocol to play multipayer over the network with your friends (or at all).  Unfortunately with Windows Vista and Windows 7 the IPX protocol is no longer included in the Windows Installs.

When looking for a utility I could use to play older games that would emulate an IPX environment locally, I came up empty. Of course there are programs like Hamachi, GameRanger, and even Kali that will emulate an IPX connection over the internet, but I wanted something that I could use on an internal network (with no internet access) to play these games.

I stubled across a Serial (null modem) to TCP/IP emulator. This allows 2 players to direct connect using most games Null modem or serial functions, while still remaining inside the local network.

It is simple. Run this program on both machines, one is the server and one is the client. Use your local network IP’s (assigned by your router). Go into your game, such as Warcraft 2, and use the Serial/Null Modem/Direct Connection option.

You can download the utility at the above location. The only downside of this is that it is limited to two players…..


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