Duke Nukem 3D High Resolution Pack

I remember spending hours upon hours playing Duke Nukem 3D both in single player mode and on Kali (back in the day when games required IPX emulation to play online). As you’ve probably guessed from the name of this blog site, I’ve got a soft spot in my heart for all the old classic video games from when I was growing up.

Lately, I’ve been getting back into Duke Nukem 3D and the other original First Person Shooters after seeing an advertisment on TV for a game that looks like an original FPS. The problem with playing the classics is that the graphics can be so chock full of blocky pixel goodness that small amounts of playing can make your eyes feel like they are bleeding……

Unless your using the Duke Nukem 3D high res pack! This is a pack of higher resolution sprites that replace the original artwork sprites in the game with much nicer sprites. Take a look at these screenshots:

In order to use these you will need an original (legit) version of Duke Nukem 3D. Please buy the game online for $5 instead of pirating it, just to support 3d Realms for making a quality game.

If you just want to try the high-res pack out, it WILL work on the Shareware version of Duke3D which is free and includes the entire first episode. It can be downloaded from 3d Realms page at: http://www.3drealms.com/downloads.html

The high-res map pack can be downloaded from the creator’s website at: http://hrp.duke4.net/download.php

Check it out!


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