Red Alert 1 Remake for Yuri’s Revenge

While browsing the internet for articles on how to make the original Red Alert work on Windows 7 (for the purposes of an old-school lan party), I came across a MOD that any fan of the original game should try out. It is a complete remake of Red Alert, using the Red Alert 2 Yuri’s Revenge engine. It has been released and can be downloaded to play currently.

The name of the mod is “It Came from Red Alert!”. It does require that you own Red Alert 2: Yuri’s Revenge V1.001. I’m not sure if the version of Yuri’s revenge included in the “First Decade” pack would work for this mod, but I may try it with that version and post an update. It looks very cool and I’m in the process of downloading it right now.  Acording to their website, this mod has been around for quite some time.

Also, this mod DOES include the “secret” ant missions!

You can see a screenshot of an Allied base below.

Allied base in "It Came From Red Alert"

 Check it out, you can download the MOD at their MODDB page located at:


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